the spa town inscribed on the Unesco Heritage list

Montecatini Terme Unesco Heritage

Montecatini Terme in 2021 entered the Unesco World Heritage list as one of the European spa towns of the "The Great Spa Towns of Europe" circuit; the Committee has recognized the site of the Great Spa Cities of Europe, made up of 11 cities in 7 States, as an exceptional testimony to the spa culture, which had its maximum expression from the 18th to the 1930s.
These cities, through the enhancement of natural thermal springs and the development of parks, architecture and infrastructure dedicated to health and leisure, have influenced the development and popularity of spa cities throughout Europe and the world, also giving impetus to progress in field of medicine and balneology.

The thermal baths of Montecatini

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Terme di Montecatini reached the splendor that still makes them very famous throughout Europe. The thermal establishments of Montecatini are able to offer a complete system of treatments, which combines traditional hydropinic treatments with the most innovative methods of well-being and beauty, such as massages, body treatments, facial treatments, slimming programmes.

Hydropinic therapy which involves the use of thermal water as a drink is the fundamental "cure" of the Terme di Montecatini and can be carried out at the Terme Tettuccio establishment. It is useful if you suffer from constipation, diabetes, high cholesterol, liver pathologies, stomach and intestinal pathologies.

At Terme Redi, on the other hand, thermal baths in the pool, traditional Western and Eastern massages, specific wellness treatments for the body and face, balneotherapy, inhalation therapy, mud therapy, rehabilitation with physiotherapy and hydrokinesitherapy are available.

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Montecatini Terme

We are in Montecatini Terme in the heart of Tuscany, since 2021 in the Unesco Heritage list as "Great Thermal City of Europe"